LifeLine Attributes must be developed, delivered, and implemented based on direct agreements with the residential and business constituents that understand that their  community assets can be used as the resilience capacity needed to stabilize their foundation. 


The Josa Group - Strategy Development for Non-Profits

TJG  acknowledges a critical skills gulf between what's needed and who has them.  Bottom line, we ain't got enough.

Joseph Daniels delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”


Areas of Focus

As a  501c-3, TJG-SDNP will work with non-profits work with other Non-Profits to develop goals and guidelines to measure their influence on public policy and provide a value-add through community support activities.

Business Consulting


TJG identifies technology that, with the required training and processes can provide long term cost reductions in critical infrastructure areas

​​Disaster recovery and sustainability